Sunday, February 3, 2013


I started this blog back in 2009 when I felt the need to give my personal viewpoint about what was happening in Spain, and Valencia in particular, at that time. And that's why I wrote about "sexy" priests, illegal taxis, "dangerous" computers and censored photographs. I must admit that in one year I only posted five articles, not a lot that's true, and I probably got bored with it, I sometimes didn't know what to write about.
Today, 3 years and a two-month-old son after my last article, I've decided to change drastically the purpose of this blog, I would like to share with friends, students, fellow teachers and everyone interested in English language learning my experiences, my ideas and resources I've created during all these years, and discuss the new trends in English language teaching that could turn us into better professionals.hj However, I'm not going to delete my previous articles, they are part of me and I feel really proud of what I wrote because it was my first approach to the digital world and my personal footprint on the World Wide Web.
For this first post I've chosen the picture above because it represents a key aspect to how I approach language teaching: "Learning English can be FUN". It is also represented in the building blocks, a bit unstable sometimes, but growing. And this is part of the process, improving your vocabulary and grammar structures, although mistakes are sometimes made.
To conclude, I want to thank in advance everyone who joins me in this new adventure and I encourage you to participate and any comments will be welcome.


  1. I've enjoyed reading your new article!
    Congratulations brother! ;)

  2. Yo man! I'm thinking about one person who definitely has to follow your blog. We'll be expecting more of your posts!

  3. Thanks a lot people!!! I'm going to publish a new one pretty soon

  4. Hey Miquel!! It's nice to know from you again via this site. I find quite an interesting idea to periodically publish your ideas for teaching, so it's quite interesting for all of us actively involved in this activity. Let me encourage you with this great work, man, and just in case you need some help or materials check my blog, which is similar to yours in so many aspects:
    Hope to link your blog to mine soon. Greetings bro!!

  5. Hi Victor, glad to talk to you again. I've heard you've had a baby not long ago, is that right? I've got a two-month-old son named Mateu.
    BTW I've had a look at your blog, it looks good; I'll be pleased to add it to my blog list.
    Big hug buddy!!


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