Thursday, October 29, 2015

This is a project that I've had in mind since last year and finally it has seen the light of day. I have started a classroom blog with my students. Why? well, first of all because it helps me keep a record of everything we do in class, I make myself post after every lesson with what we've done that day.

Secondly, thanks to google calendars I can keep all the students informed about the homework in the event they haven't come to class that day. It's much easier than sending out emails to all of them and, of course, they have no excuse for not doing it.

Thirdly, I can share with them any activities I've prepared myself for extra practice of reading, listening and writing. Embedding listening activities or grammar and vocabulary quizzes allows them to practise at home and get immediate feedback.

And finally, and most importantly, this is a place where students can share their written work with their peers. Sometimes we pay more attention to what our classmates are doing, just out of interest, than to the teachers explanations. Therefore, all students are contributors as well and they help to create content for the blog.

Anyone who wants to check it out please visit

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