Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Improve your skills: Writing

In the second paragraph state the advantages. Mention a couple at least and provide examples that support your arguments.

In the third paragraph state the disadvantages. Again mention at least a couple and provide examples as well.

In the final paragraph state your conclusion giving your own personal opinion about the topic.

Below you've got a sample of what a discursive composition might look like and what the position of connectors would be. You can write a for and against composition using this model on any of the following topics:

- Men watch too much sport.
- People don't care enough about the environment.
- Fast food is very bad for your health.
- Men are better at sports than wome.

Some of the aspects that are taken into consideration when evaluating your piece of writing are the following:

Organisation: is the organisation of your piece of writing clear for the reader? Bear in mind the number of paragraphs and the information in each paragraph.

Style: have you used in your text a level of formality in accordance to the type of writing? Bear in mind the use of contractions, vocabulary, connectors… 

Accuracy: have you used grammar and vocabulary appropriately and correctly? It is very important that verb tenses are introduced properly and the vocabulary is carefully selected.

Cohesion: have connectors been introduced correctly in order to link sentences and paragraphs so that the text has coherence?

Quality: depending on the level, the student is required to introduce certain grammar structures and vocabulary which are part of the syllabus for that particular level. 

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