Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Lesson plan: JK Rowling

Taking an interview with JK Rowling, famous writer of the Harry Potter novels, I have created this lesson in which students will practise reading, speaking and writing while reviewing past modals of deduction. This is to celebrate International Women's Day.
The lesson is appropriate for level B2 and you will need to allow 35 minutes to complete the tasks.

The reading activity is an interview with the author with a multiple matching exercise. Students must match the questions to the answers. The text is completed with a grammar point where students will review the use of past modals of deduction following an inductive approach. In the vocabulary section they must find the verbs that match the definitions.

In the speaking sections students aregiven for newspaper headlines and they must make deductions about the story based on the headlines.

Once they have worked in pairs to guess what the stories are about, for homework they must write the articles following their deductions.

You can download the activity here.

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